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The Transitions ®Pastels collection

Four limited edition, seasonal colored lenses, that seamlessly adapt to changing light, from a fixed pastel hue indoors to a vibrant colored tint outdoors.

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Only 1000 pairs per color
Stylish, light adaptive lenses.
blue transition lenses - Transition Pastels exclusive at GlassesUSA.com
green transition lenses - Transition Pastels exclusive at GlassesUSA.com
pink transition lenses - Transition Pastels exclusive at GlassesUSA.com
yellow transition lenses - Transition Pastels exclusive at GlassesUSA.com



How to order Transitions ®Pastels

1. Choose your frames.
From thousands of styles,
shapes and brands.
2. Choose your lenses
Available in non-prescription or
single vision prescription lenses.
3. Select Transitions ®Pastels.
Enjoy lenses that adapt to changing light, with no need to swap between glasses & sunglasses.
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Frequently asked questions

Why buy Transitions ®Pastels at GlassesUSA.com? The Transitions ®Pastels lenses are a limited edition series of colorful, adaptive lenses sold exclusively at GlassesUSA.com. They will not be available to purchase anywhere else. The lenses are eligible with thousands of frame styles, and can be purchased using one of our available promotions.
How do Transitions ®Pastel lenses work? Transitions ®Pastel lenses work by adapting to changing light conditions. From a light pastel, fixed tint indoors, to fully tinted in the sun, they ensure the optimal amount of light reaches your eyes.
Which lens colors are included in the exclusive collection? There are 4 different Transitions ®Pastel colors in the collection , including:
  • Paradise Blue
  • Sunset Yellow
  • Coral Pink
  • Sage Green
This unique collection has only 1000 pairs of each color available for a limited time.
Can you use the Virtual Try-On tool to see what it looks like? Our Virtual Try-On tool allows you to instantly see how all our frames will look on your face, by simply uploading a picture
Does GlassesUSA.com offer warranty or free returns? GlassesUSA.com offers a risk free shopping experience, including free shipping and returns, a full money-back guarantee, and a 365 day warranty. Visit our help center for more information.
Are Transitions ®Pastels eligible with prescription lenses? Yes, Transitions ®Pastel lenses are eligible with Single Vision 1.6 index prescription