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Digital Block Lenses

If you find yourself staring at the computer or mobile device for extended periods of time, you might be experiencing eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes or migraines. Our Digital Block lenses can seriously help.

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Do You Need Protection?

  • TV Addicts

  • 9-to-5’ers

  • Smartphone Slaves

  • Compulsive Gamers

The American Optometric Association believes that anyone who spends more than 5 hours a day staring at a digital device is likely to develop symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome which affect your vision and overall sense of wellbeing.

How It Works?

The Digital Block lenses reflect and filter the blue light emitted in artificial light. When light hits these lenses it displays a blue sheen on the exterior and a yellow one on the interior.

How to add Digital Block lenses

  • 1. Choose Your Frame

  • 2. Enter Your Prescription

  • 3.Choose a Lens Package

  • 4. Add Digital Block Lenses

Give it a Rest

Regardless of Digital Block lenses, you might want to consider giving your digital devices a rest every once in a while.

No Prescription Required

The Digital Block lenses can be worn throughout the day, both indoors and outdoors and doesn't require a prescription.