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There's no need to swap between glasses and sunglasses. Transitions ® lenses automatically darken when you go outside, and fade back to clear indoors.

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The perfect lens for everyday life.
Engineered to provide your eyes with a better vision experience and protection.
Fully clear indoors
Returns to clear faster than ever
Darkens outdoors in seconds
For wearers who are very light sensitive or frequently exposed to bright light.
Transitions®️ XTRActive®️ lenses deliver the best extra darkness & extra light protection from intense light indoors, outdoors, or driving.
The darkest in hot temperatures
The darkest in the car
Clear indoors with a hint
of protective tint
For wearers who are frequently exposed to bright light and reflective glare.
Transitions®️ XTRActive®️ Polarized™️ lenses utilize their dynamic polarization to provide your eyes with extra protection, sharper vision, and vivid colors in any light situation.
Up to 90% polorization efficiency
Darkens in the car
Clear indoors with a hint
of protective tint

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Frequently asked questions

How do Transitions ®️ lenses actually work?
Transitions ®️ are photochromic lenses, automatically and seamlessly adapting to changing light conditions. Special molecules integrated into the lenses react when exposed to UV light, causing the lenses to darken when outside. These light-intelligent molecules recalibrate when you go back inside, and the lenses fade back to clear.
Why choose Transitions ®️?
- Convenience: No need to swap between eyeglasses and sunglasses when you go out and return inside.
- UV & blue light protection: Transitions®️ block 100% of UV rays and provide protection from blue light indoors and outdoors.
- Customizable: Available for any prescription (single vision or multifocal), and in a wide variety of colors and tints to match your style preferences.
- Cost effective: Instead of having to buy eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses to carry around, get just one pair to do it all.
How to buy glasses with Transitions ®️ lenses:
1. Choose a frame you love from thousands of styles.
2. Customize your lenses and select Transitions under ‘Lens Type’.
3. Complete checkout and enjoy free shipping right to your door.
Why buy Transitions ®️ lenses at
1. You can buy Transitions ®️ lenses with thousands of frames including designer brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, and many more.
2. Save up to 70% retail prices when you buy eyeglasses with Transitions®️ lenses or any other lens option.
3. Transitions®️ lenses are available for all prescriptions: Single-vision for reading or distance, progressives, and bifocals.
4. Enjoy free shipping on all orders straight to your door, plus a 365-day warranty.
5. Use our virtual Try-On glasses to see yourself in any pair from the comfort of home.
6. We are a certified store for Transitions®️ and all the top eyewear brands.
What are photochromic and Transitions ®️ lenses?
Photochromic lenses are light-adaptive lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight and fade back to clear indoors. Transitions ®️ is the leading photochromic lens brand. Transitions® lenses include 100% UV protection and blue light block.
How to adjust to Transitions ®️ lenses?
Transitions ®️ lenses adapt seamlessly to changing light conditions, no adjustment is necessary.
Which Transitions ®️ lenses colors can you buy?
You can get Transitions ®️ in gray or brown, or opt for the limited-edition Transitions ®️ Pastels collection, featuring lenses in Paradise Blue, Sunset Yellow, Coral Pink, and Sage Green.
Does offer warranty or free returns?
Both, actually.
Warranty: All our glasses come with a standard 365-day warranty. This covers any possible defect in the frame or lens that can reasonably be attributed to the manufacturer’s responsibility.
Free returns: has a 14-day, no questions asked free returns

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