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Toddlers ages 2-5

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Kids and glasses

“My kids and I love our new glasses! Having two children under 7 wearing glasses has been a challenge seeing we lost them so many times but with these prices I've got more ability to get more for less thank you”


My son loves these!

“So my insurance only covers one pair a year and we needed a second pair as a back-up (this kid breaks things a lot!). The first pair were $500 at the local eye glasses store. Took a chance on these (only about $100!) and he likes these even more! In fact, I used the buy 1 get 1 free to order two more with tinted lenses for sunglasses this summer (waiting on those but I'll review when received).

I was also worried about not measuring distance between pupils, but we're quarantined for Covid now so couldn't take him anywhere. Seems fine.... no complaints about headaches etc and he has worn them every day for about a month.

Very excited we found this website!”


Great frame for 7 year old

“We are happy with the quality of the frames. Happy that GlassesUSA offers a little kid and big kid size. We opted for the big kid size for our 7 year old and they fit well. We are very happy with this purchase and would recommend.


Great for the Price

“Received my GlassesUSA order last week and they're great! The glasses fit well and they are stylish. The plastic feels a bit flimsy, but the frames are surprisingly durable. It's nice not to have to worry about breaking them. Flexibility is key for active kids!”

Happy Ma Ma

Stays in place and wont break

“We went through dozens of frames before finding the creative designs on this site with flexible glasses, and a style of hinges that don't break. His glasses always sat to low on his nose to provide any vision help.

But this style, it gently holds the glasses right in place, even if he is jumping on a trampoline, and running and wrestling like many 5 year old boys

The fact they are also cute is a huge bonus, but the ability for them to survive my sons rough and tumble lifestyle and stay exactly in place is what has me grateful I made the purchase. “



“Great for my very athvaric son. We spent triple on 2 pairs of glasses (everyday wear and athvaric frames) at a chain retailer. The athvaric frames were hard, hurt his head which the doctor said they needed to be tight and he'd have to get used to them.

They didn't fit under any sports helmets or caps, so of course he wouldn't wear them. Then just being an energetic boy the broke his everyday wear glasses a few times which we repeatedly glued until we couldn't anymore. So thankful for this find. They fit comfortably and we haven't had any issues even when he's forgotten to remove them while roughhousing

At this price I'm much more relaxed which I know is also a huge plus for our parent child relationship.

Toddler glasses

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