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Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized lenses block glare for maximum clarity.
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See the world in a whole new way.

With or without prescription, choose from hundreds of styles from top brands. Ray-Ban®️, Oakley, Prada, Michael Kors and many more. Order now for free and fast shipping on any order.
Maximize color definition

Maximize color definition

Eliminate glare & reflections

Eliminate glare & reflections

Reduce eye strain

Reduce eye strain

Enhance acuity & clarity

Enhance acuity & clarity

Polarized vs Non-Polarized


All the brands you love.

See things in a new way.

Water-related activities
Block glare from light reflected off the water.
Reduce reflections from flat surfaces like car hoods.
best polarized sunglasses
Outdoor sports
Clear, glare-free vision so you stay on track.
Enhance your day to day
Increase clarity with improved color contrast and sharper images.
Frequently asked questions.

What are polarized sunglasses?

Polarized sunglasses are made to block out and reduce glare reflecting off surfaces like water or glass. Glare distorts color and obstructs your vision. Polarized lenses enhance color definition and increase clarity outdoors.

Why buy polarized sunglasses at GlassesUSA.com?

GlassesUSA.com offers 1000s of sunny styles available with high-quality polarized lenses, including designer sunglasses such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci and all your favorite brands. You can add any prescription to our polarized sunglasses and enjoy up to 50% off lenses & lens upgrades. You can split the payment into 3 interest-free installments, and all orders include fast & FREE shipping right to your door.

How do I purchase polarized sunglasses online?

First, choose the pair of sunglasses you want to purchase. A great tip to find the perfect sunglasses is to use our Virtual Mirror to check out how any pair looks on you. Once you decide on a frame, choose your prescription type (or non-prescription) and under ‘Lens Type’ select ‘Polarized’.

Can I get polarized sunglasses with my prescription?

You sure can. At GlassesUSA.com, you can add your prescription to almost all of our sunglasses (it’ll be mentioned if they aren’t RX-able) and add the polarized option to them as well. You can choose between three colors of polarized lenses: Gray, green, and brown.

What are the differences between tinted, polarized and mirrored lenses?

Polarized lenses are recommended for beach time, water activities or sports because they eliminate glare, enhance color definition and increase visual clarity & comfort. Mirrored lenses, as their name suggests, act like one-way mirrors, reducing the amount of light passing through to block glare. Recommended for everyday use, or if you don’t want people to see your eyes. Tinted lenses are more of a stylish choice, giving you the option of adding a bit more color to your sunglasses look.