110% Lowest Price Guaranteed

We guarantee that we can beat any price you find online and we're even ready to offer you a 110% lowest price guarantee!

To receive the Lowest Price Guarantee

  • If you find a lower price on a different site than what you found on GlassesUSA.com for your purchase, we'll refund 110% of the difference between the items up to the price listed on our site.
  • Contact customer service within 10 days of your purchase.
  • Provide customer service with a link to the webpage of the same exact product with the lower price.
  • The product in question must have been purchased from GlassesUSA.com.
  • The product must be the exact same product (frame, lenses, additions, brand name, and parameters) as purchased on GlassesUSA.com.
  • The product must currently be in stock on the site offering the lower price.
  • 110% Price Guarantee does not include PREMIUM tagged brands/frames.
  • Our 110% price guarantee only applies to the comparable prices of licensed resellers.