By Victoria Landsmann  |  Updated 15 MAR 22

7 reasons you should be buying prescription glasses online.

Starting with saving up to 65% off retail prices.

1. Save up to 65% off retail prices.

Leading online stores cut out the middleman so you pay less, even on multifocals. From in-store expenses to shipping and production costs, the average markup for frames in brick-and-mortar stores is 250%. Online retailers cut back on these costs by using their own in-house labs, which means you get the same product for a lot less.
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2. Bigger selection of frames.

Online retailers can showcase thousands of frames and brands on a single site, all eligible for prescription, non-prescription and multifocal lenses. Stores are limited in the amount of frames they can house. Online, there’s no end to the options available.

3. No sales commission.

Online sites don’t try to push a sale, where store salesmen often work towards a commission. A reported 62% of private practice optometrist’s income comes from selling prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses.

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