Every employee at GlassesUSA is expected to become involved in their respective community in one way or another. Some of us volunteer with animals, some volunteer with the elderly, others spend time with children. Either way, we’re all involved in the communities we live in. Recently, myself and another employee were volunteering with at-risk youth when one of the teen aged girls came running up to us asking a very abnormal question for a teen. She asked “you guys work in for some eyeglasses place, right?” to which we answered “yes – why?” Her answer surprised us. She said “Well, I was at school and some girl who thinks she’s awesome walked into school wearing what she called ‘the next big thing’. She was wearing Granny glasses! Please tell me that is NOT the ‘next best thing’!!”

This got me thinking – what are the latest trends in prescription glasses for the young and hip crowd. Well, I can tell you one thing DO NOT wear yourBubbie's eyeglasses. My grandmother had some pretty hip eyeglasses in 1984 - and she has not replaced her eyeglasses since then. Rockin ' your grandmother's frames does not make you look cool - no matter how cool you think you look. Having said that, I can tell you that over-sized, big eyeglasses are very in fashion. It makes me think that I should have saved my first pair of eyeglasses, which were thin blue plastic frames that were extremely big on my face ... especially for a seven-year-old. They would be popular now - as opposed to when I first donned them in second grade.

So, if giant eyeglass frames are in-style, how do you wear them properly? This is no easy task. First, if you think your grandparents will wear the frames - put them down and walk away. Next, think of Clark Kent - you know, Superman. Clark Kent wore black plastic frames that seemed to fit his chiseled face very well. Donning a pair of large but thin plastic frames - of any color - can help you achieve the "Geek Chic" look without making you look too mature.

So, how big is too big? Ask yourself this simple question - "do you look like a bug?" If the answer is yes, take them off and walk away. If the bottom of the frame hits your cheeks - they are too big. Also, if they look too wide - they probably are. If you are used to wearing smaller frames, try on eyeglasses that are no more than 5mm wider on each side. There is no exact science involved in wearing larger frames but the bottom line is that if they make you feel uncomfortable or you think you look like your Granny did in 1985, try on another pair. Geek chic is supposed to enhance your look and give you a slightly more intelligent look - not make you look like you are 83-years-young. Aim for eyeglass frames that enhance your cheekbones without covering them.

The most important part of wearing larger frames is feeling confident in them! If they make you feel confident in yourself - buy 'em!