Never before has there been a series that has captured American society in the 1960’s as well as Mad Men. AMC’s hit television show captured the essence of American society during one of the most controversial periods in American history. The male figures in Mad Men constantly get their way - whether it be within advertising and business or with the ladies. However, the lovely women of Mad Men wear the coolest outfits on television - with one exception: none of them seem to wear eyeglasses.

The 1960’s were an interesting time in fashion. Even in 2010, we still draw back on our fashionable past to conjure up new fashionable pieces. One of the most interesting points in fashion that we can make is that very few people on Mad Men wear prescription glasses. Sure, Harry Crane (played by Rich Sommer) dons some nice brow-line semi rimless frames - similar to our XR24 frames - but Harry is always being make fun of even though he’s one of the most progressive characters on the show.

Another major character, Lane Pryce (played by Jared Harris), is not very well known for being charismatic, charming, or fashionable. Yet, without fail, he wears his glasses proudly. His full framed, tortoise shell glasses were unique for the time and set him apart from others who wore black plastic frames. Similar to our BS11 frame, the only dapper part of Lane’s wardrobe are his glasses.

One of the most unforgettable characters from the show is Roger Sterling (played by John Slattery). As one of the heads of Sterling, Cooper, Draper, and Pryce, Roger Sterling has bedded many women in the office thanks to his charismatic ways and rich boy charm. He looks most astute when he’s wearing his always in style but slightly retro prescription eyeglasses. They look like our Tommy Hilfiger TH3355 frame and they add class and sophistication to his traditional businessman look.

Our favorite character - Don Draper - is one of the few characters who does not wear glasses. He looks good in just about everything - including his brow line sunglasses. In a strange twist, the actor playing Donald Draper - Jon Hamm - does wear eyeglasses in real life, just not on the show. We think Don would look quite dreamy in a pair of semi-rimless frames. What do you think?