It’s that time of year again! For those of you who have waited til the last minute to pull together a costume, we’ve done the work for you! Have fun dressing up this Halloween and make your glasses work with your costume!

Have a look through our favorite Halloween costume ideas that feature the hottest eyeglasses frames. We've even selected a few frames from our vast collection to match the look.

Remember: When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween!!

GlassesUSA wishes you a safe and "spec-tacular" Halloween!!

Alex Vause from Orange is the New Black
This new show has certainly raised some eyebrows and caused quite a stir. To dress up as Alex, you will need a brown workers shirt or brown hospital scrubs, thin eyebrows and a rose tattoo on your upper arm. The perfect glasses for this look: iSee 025 Black

Liz Lemon from 30 Rock
She never ceases to humor us and you can do the same, too! Get your Liz Lemon look with brown hair, cardigan, button down and a pair of jeans. Eyeglasses frames that will complete this look: Masyn Tortoise Shell

Velma from Scoobie Doo
Velma was always the smart one that was constantly losing her eyeglasses at the wrong time. Get her look with a red pleated miniskirt, orange sweater or turtle neck, red knee socks and a brunette bob. The best looking eyeglasses frames for this look: Scholar Black

The musings of this American teenage character, we definitely can all relate to. Get this acerbic girl’s look by donning a green coat, black skirt, boots, brown hair and create a cartoonish complexion with lots of powder! We’re pretty sure that Daria would absolutely love these glasses: Daria

Jess Day from New Girl
Why not dress up as the ever cute & quirky Jess? Get her wholesome and fun look with a twee dress or pajama set, bangs and it might help a bit if you’ve got big blue eyes like her, too. We think these eyeglasses would be the best: Carter Tortoise

Mary Katherine Gallagher from SNL
Only those who are in the know will get your costume idea is you dress as Mary Katherine Gallagher. To get the laughs rolling in you will need a Catholic schoolgirl uniform, white knee high socks, a pair of brogues and perhaps a bit of “enticing” armpit odor. The perfect accessory: Muse Betty Brown

Clark Kent - Superman
The ever handsome alter ego of Superman, known as Clark Kent has kept ladies swooning since the comic first came out! To get his superhuman look you will need a black suit jacket, a white button down shirt and a Superman t-shirt underneath. We found the perfect prescription glasses to finish the look… and yes, they’re named just for him: Clark