Transcending into the world of multifocal eyewear is an adjustment, to say the least. For those of you who have never worn eyeglasses before, you have to get used to both wearing eyeglasses, and wearing multifocals. For those who have worn eyeglasses in the past, this will be a whole new experience for you!

We don’t want this to feel daunting for you and so, our optical experts at have compiled some tips and tricks to help you “connect” with your new multifocal glasses.

Note: Although some people adjust to this new usage within a matter of hours, some have been known to take up to two weeks to feel like it is second nature. Feeling distortions in your vision IS normal, just flow through until it begins to feel normal.

First, before anything else, stop wearing your old prescription eyeglasses and resolve that your new eyeglasses are all you have. Then, you should continue to wear them right through the day as high up on your nose as possible. Probably the biggest change is learning that when you want to look at something, you need to move your entire head and not just your eyes. You should always continue to move your head as much to the side as possible until the object of your attention comes into focus.

As with any eyeglasses frame, you should always ensure that its fits you properly without being too tight or loose and with comfortable nose pads.

With bifocals, progressives and multifocals you should put on your glasses and then choose an object at least twenty feet away to stare at. If you can see the line of the bifocal while doing this, then the bifocal height needs to be adjusted and you should go back to where you bought them from to ask for the adjustment.

If all is in order, then don’t bend your neck but drop your eyes down as if to read and then try to read something at your regular reading distance. If you see everything clearly then your bifocals were manufactured correctly.

Note: sometimes you will have to move your head a bit so that the visual adjustment ensures perfect clarity.

To begin, you should get up and carefully walk around, being careful to look straight ahead. Your sight should be completely clear. As you move your eyes to the edge of your glasses you will notice that you lose clarity. If you move your eyes downwards, the same will happen. Straight ahead is the position for regular distance vision. The real trick is to train your eyes to drop to the position of the lens so that you can see things close up. You should expect it to be hard at first but within no time you’ll be a natural!!

Ensure to keep in mind that when walking or climbing stairs, you should NEVER look through the lower lens and ALWAYS through the upper section.

That’s it folks! You’re ready to try out your new multifocals!