Woodland Collection
Handcrafted bamboo glasses built to last
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Introducing our new collection of bamboo frames. Discover stylish and flexible pairs, made from durable materials that leave a much smaller ecological footprint than anything else in eyewear.
Discover the Collection
Discover the collection
Durability at its best
Crafted from natural materials, these frames are much more durable and built to last than ordinary pairs. The type of bamboo used is flexible and resistant to heat, so your frame won’t bend easily, nor will it lose its shape if you leave it in your car on a sunny day.
durable durable
lightweight lightweight
ECO materials ECO materials
flexible flexible
Handmade, High-Quality Frames
No mass production is involved.
All frames are crafted and put together by hand.
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Every bamboo sheet is individually assembled
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and polished manually by an expert
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Each finished
product is unique.
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