5 Reasons Why Millions of Americans Buy Their Glasses Online
People are already saving hundreds of dollars on glasses. Still buying yours at the store? You NEED to read this article.
prescription sports sunglasses Millions of Americans have already realized that getting their glasses online is the smart way of buying glasses.
If you’ve ever bought a pair of glasses at the optometrist or glasses store, you already know what a huge headache it can be. The whole thing is an ordeal, costing you too much time, money and effort.

In 2021, online purchases of eyewear increased by 28% (according to the Vision Council). Millions of glasses-wearers have already realized that getting their glasses from trusted online retailers like GlassesUSA.com is the smart way of buying glasses.
Let’s dive deeper into the 5 biggest reasons you should switch to online too when looking for glasses.

1. Save BIG by buying online.

Buying glasses from your optometrist or a brick-and-mortar store is costing you hundreds of dollars each year that you can save instead. Online retailers like GlassesUSA.com are cutting out the middleman so you can get the same frame you see at the store for a much more affordable price.

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2. Any frame for any budget.

More than 12,000 frames starting from $19

Online eyewear retailers offer a huge selection of frames to choose from - far more than what you can find at any glasses store or local optician.

At GlassesUSA.com, the leading eyewear retailer in the US (recommended by Insider, Forbes and many more as one of the best places to buy glasses online in 2022), we have over 12,000 frames to choose from, in every shape and color imaginable.

Our unbeatable selection includes a wide offering for every budget and style preference, so you can always find your perfect pair, including over 50 leading eyewear brands such as and

3. Top notch prescription lenses.

Lenses are the heart of what makes prescription glasses provide you with the crystal-clear vision you deserve.

We operate our own state-of-the-art optical labs (located in Atlanta, GA) where we craft and customize lenses tailor-made to your needs. We use cutting-edge optical technologies, so you get excellent quality at affordable prices.

Our lens solutions cover everything, be it single vision lenses for reading or distance, progressives, as well as advanced lens coatings for style, protection and comfort.

Tyler C.
This is the 5th pair of glasses I've bought.
For about the past 7 years, I just buy from this company. They always deliver quality. The shipping is good, the prescription is right every single time, and their promotions are ridiculous. I've never paid more than 70 dollars. I mean, I once got a BOGO deal for two pairs of glasses for less than 70 dollars. Just buy from these guys.
2 weeks ago
Caren G
Glad I went this route
The website was user friendly and easy to navigate. There were many great choices for frames and the price was great. This is the first time I have ordered online and as long as the glasses are good quality then we will continue to order through GlassesUSA.
6 days ago
Alan T.
Alan T.
Frames are always as described, lenses of high quality, and prices are fair. Have been ordering from GlassesUSA for years. A very satisfied customer.
2 days ago

4. Easily find your perfect pair.

Finding just the right frame for you can be difficult, so we put together smart and innovative online tools that help make finding your perfect pair a breeze.

We created a short quiz to help narrow things down. Our smart AI does the rest, recommending the best frames for you fit & style-wise.

We also have an accurate solution for trying on glasses: At the store you have to remove your current pair to see how the new one looks on you, but you can’t see very well without your glasses.

With our Virtual Try-On, you can see exactly how any frame will look on your face from the comfort of your home.

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5. Satisfaction guaranteed.

At GlassesUSA.com, you get free shipping AND free returns with any order, no minimum required. So, if you are not satisfied with the pair you bought (e.g., frame doesn’t fit, or you just changed your mind) you can easily send them back to us for a full refund, no questions asked.

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