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Transitions® VI Lenses - Light Adjusting Lenses
Available Upgrade for All Frames. Add Only $124 $149 $25 Off

Transitions® Lenses

Transitions® photochromic lenses are designed to quickly adapt from clear indoors to fully dark in brightest sun, offering a distinct advantage over clear lenses everyday. Transitions lenses continuously adapt to changing light so they’re always exactly the shade you need them to be.

  • * Completely clear indoors and at night
  • * Fast fade back speed
  • * Block 100% of UVA & UVB rays
  • * Fit any prescription and frame
  • * Suitable for any age including children

What are Transitions® Lenses?

Transition Lenses are the clear choice for photochromic lenses. As they transition from light to dark when exposed to ultraviolet light, Transition lenses block 100% of the harmful UVB rays. Advancements in photochromic technologies have allowed for the production of Transition lenses in almost every lens design and material, such as bifocals, progressives, shatter-resistant lenses, and high-index materials. Transition lenses are a great choice for those with light sensitivities, as well as children and adults.

The moment your lenses are exposed to UV light, Transition lenses begin to darken. At the height of UV ray intensity, the lenses will be the darkest. When the lenses are no longer exposed to UV rays, they will become clear again. The adjustment from light to dark and back is so smooth that most Transition lens wearers are unaware of the transition! When Transition lenses are exposed to ultraviolet rays, the special photochromic dyes in the lens activate – causing the lens to darken. As the UV light reduces intensity, the lenses will fade back to clear. Whenever light conditions change, the tint levels adjust to offer the correct amount of tint at the right time.

Who needs Transitions® Lenses?

Everyone needs protection from UV rays and glare. Transition lenses are great for children, adults, patients with special eye care needs, and those with heightened sensitivity to light. Due to the adjusting tint level of Transition Lenses, there is always a constant 100% protection against harmful UV rays and glare – even when the lens is in a clear state – no matter where you are.

Children will benefit from the tint adjustment in Transition Lenses as well as the constant UV protection because they are more susceptible to UV radiation before they turn 18 because their eyes are continuously developing through their teenaged years. Over 80% of the total lifetime exposure to harmful UV rays happens before 18 years old and it is never too early to start caring for a child’s eye health. People with heightened sensitivity to light – photosensitivity – are more susceptible to visible light and make perfect candidates for Transition Lenses because they get the right amount of coverage when they need it. Photosensitivity can develop from conditions like diabetes and glaucoma or even from taking various prescription drugs. Patients who suffer from eye diseases like macular degeneration will also benefit from Transition Lenses.

It’s never too late to start caring about your eye health. Transition Lenses will give you maximum protection against UV rays – even when you’re not directly exposed.

Save $25 on Transitions! Simply select your frame, add the Transitions option, then use coupon code: "TRANS25" at checkout. Shop now:

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