Survival RxTM
by & Victorinox Swiss Army

Happy April Fools

Introducing Survival RxTM, the ultimate survival glasses for
your everyday adventures. A combination of functionality,
resourcefulness and style.
Why Survival RxTM

After extensive research showed almost 76% of glasses wearers
would love glasses with an extra practical feature, we called up
Victorinox Swiss Army, and a combined team of the companies’ best &
brightest came up with how to fulfill these wishes: Combine a basic
health necessity (prescription eyewear) with built-in tools that avoid
the hassle of carrying multiple objects in your pocket or bag. That’s
what the people want, so that’s what we’re giving them.

The glasses are produced in a limited edition
of 1000 pairs; each pair is numbered.
Survival RxTM is available online exclusively via
pre-order, starting at $129.

Survival RxTM glasses are crafted from carbon fiber and reinforced thermoplastics -
the same as used in the automotive industry - granting the glasses their lightweight
yet super-durable attributes. The temple arms are equipped with four built-in tools: a
corkscrew, screwdriver, scissors and a bottle opener. Furthermore, the tools are held
together with state-of-the-art Neodymium magnets, making them easy to detach, so
you can maintain perfect vision while using them.

Meet the Creators
How the Idea was born

Imagine this predicament - you're down on one knee, proposing to the love of your life. After the yes, you want to open a bottle of wine. Uh Oh - you forgot the bottle opener. This actually happened to our designer (who also happens to be a glasses-wearer). He came to the office the very next day and started to sketch a solution, a sketch that turned into Survival RXTM.