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Progressive & Bifocal Lenses

Progressive and Bifocal lenses allow for multiple prescriptions in one lens, letting you see clearly near, far and in-between. It also conveniently eliminates the need for constantly carrying two different pairs of glasses.


Near and far, with-line.

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Near and far, no-line.

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Our Progressive Lenses

We use high index organic materials that are both lightweight and durable without compromising on aesthetic.
We use digital free form technology to design all of our lenses ensuring the utmost accuracy and the highest definition.
We use a proven formula to determine segment height based on your individual prescription, desired frame shape and size.

Get Adjusted

Getting used to progressive lenses can take anywhere from a few days to one full month.

We suggest you start wearing your new glasses at home and at the office and only when you feel fully adjusted should you start driving.

Inside & Outside

Turn any pair of progressive lenses into sunglasses, or adaptive lenses that automatically adjust from clear to dark. Just make sure to add the option when selecting your lenses.

Adaptive Lens
Price: from +$69
Mirror Tint
  • red

  • blue

  • gold

  • green

  • silver

Price: from +$49
Color Tint
  • brown

  • green

  • gray

Price: from +$29

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