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What are prism glasses

So you just went to the eye doctor and received a new prescription from your optometrist. Turns out you need prism with your glasses, but you're a little fuzzy on what that really means.
Prism correction in glasses is used to fix the double vision you may have been struggling with. Your eyes have been fighting each other, your left eye wants to see one thing and the right eye wants to see another. Prism lenses trick your brain into thinking your eyes are seeing one image, instead of two.

What is double vision

The medical term for double vision is diplopia. It's a condition where a person sees two identical images when using both eyes. The orientation of both eyes is not focused on the same image, causing the brain to see two images of the same object. When you see clearly, light enters each eye through the cornea and falls on the same part of the retina in each eye. When you are seeing double, light is entering through the cornea and then falling in different places on the retina of each eye correction.

Who needs glasses with prism correction

The causes for double vision as well as blurry vision are varied - from neurological issues to nerve-related problems and even multiple sclerosis. Regardless of the origin, anyone experiencing double vision or blurry vision will benefit from having prism correction added to their glasses prescription.

Where can I buy glasses with prism

Now that you've gone to the eye doctor, got everything checked out, and have your new prescription, you are ready to purchase your new glasses with prism correct. With over 7,000 frames to choose from, is where you want to head. Whether it’s exclusive house brands or your favorite designer brands such as Ray-Ban & Oakley, prism can be added to all of the eyeglasses and sunglasses on offer. To add Prism, simply fill in the checkbox when you’re entering your prescription, or upload your prescription directly to the site and it’ll be taken care of. is the leading online retailer for eyewear, offering amazingly low prices, free shipping on all orders and free returns, no questions asked. Use the virtual mirror to try on any frame, fill out your prescription and get your prism glasses delivered straight to your doorstep.