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Shopping on with a gift card is super easy and smart, giving you or anyone else using the card more value per dollar than anywhere else. Use our gift card to shop among our 1000’s of beautiful styles for eyeglasses and sunglasses or give it as a gift to a loved one.

What are e-gift cards?

The gift cards at are eGift Cards: A virtual version of regular gift cards. They work exactly the same, only they arrive via email or text.
Tip: each card includes a coupon code. To redeem the gift card, you simply use the coupon code in the cart on the website.
As mentioned above, GlassesUSA gift cards provide more bang for your buck than anywhere else, with up to $50 more value than what they cost.

How to buy a gift card

Go to, choose the gift card you want and click on ‘Shop Now’.

Choose your value

Get a $100 Gift Card - Pay Only $85,
Get a $150 Gift Card - Pay Only $125
Get a $200 Gift Card - Pay Only $150.
Theme: Our gift cards come in a variety of themes for special occasions like birthdays, Mother’s day, Summer Celebrations, etc.
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More e-gift card benefits

The gift cards on never expire.
You don’t have to spend it all in one go. Whatever remains on the gift card balance can be used towards any future purchase at