Can't you feel the love?!

From time to time our customers will share their thoughts with us about our service and products. Recently, We received a couple of Customer Testimonials that we would love to share with you!

We're sending a special thanks to Donna M. from Winnipeg Canada, Ms. Richardson from Memphis, TN and Jane F. from Putney, VT!

Check out what they had to say!

Good Morning,
I wanted to let you know I received my new glasses, and you might think getting this email that I am not happy. Well, let me tell you, I have only recently started purchasing on line. I have never bought glasses on line, until purchasing from you. I must admit I was very unsure about buying glasses through the internet. I live in Canada and the cost for the same glasses I got from you would have been $700.00. I must tell you I am very, very pleased with the glasses I purchased from you. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from your product and was very surprised to find a high quality pair of glasses.
I know that most emails you get are complaints, but I am very pleased with your product and will recommend you to others.
Thanks for the good customer service
Donna M.

On 11/30/13 I received my son's glasses from the mail. Being a single mother that recently lost her job, with two children that both wear glasses, as well as myself, and currently with no insurance, is hard and as holidays approaching. My oldest had been without his glasses for about 4 months, which has been stressful. He's a freshman in college driving to and from school and work daily.
So, discovering was a blessing of a deal for us.
I had planned to order and place his glasses in his Christmas stocking as a stuffer gift for him. So I followed my plan and did just that on 11/30 after receiving them. However, he arrived home today and asked to open one of his stocking stuffer gifts. so I agreed.The look on his face and reaction when he removed the wrap paper and read the words (he said "Glasses thank you Jesus"), was sooooo priceless.
He put them on and said "Ma I can see the world". Kudos to you guys rock and have a forever new customer, as I am praying for employment:) !!!
Thank you, Ms. R

Thanks again for more great glasses.
Jane F.