Snowflakes are falling!

Winter is definitely around the corner and some might even say it’s knocking at the door! It’s time to really bundle up and stay warm. So before running out for work, having fun or even if you just plan on lounging at home make sure you’ve got something nice and snuggly to wear. Finish off your look with plush accessories like a new pair of eyeglasses frames.

Funky and different from all of the others, the Muse Kelsey Purple are a pair of glasses that will certainly set you apart from the crowd! They have larger, nearly oval lenses that appear to level off with a new-age cateye style. They come in a funky clear purple coloring, and have a vintage-like studios style, with a modern twist. For added comfort and convenience, they even come with spring hinges to keep them sharp, and fitting perfectly!

Wear It Wednesday is back again featuring the new Muse Kelsey Purple as our special Frame-A-Day! Whether you’re commuting to work, running errands or simply relaxing at home, grab your scarf, hat, gloves and don’t forget your prescription eyeglasses.

Trying to update your look? The Muse Kelsey Purple eyeglasses will set you apart from all of the others! They come with cateye-like lenses, and a funky clear purple coloring.