This time of year, the vast majority of the United States sees an incline in temperature which means the sun is getting hotter and more dangerous for your eyes and skin. While you are indoors or underneath some form of shade, you can absolutely get away with wearing glasses that have a simple coating of ultra violet protection. However, if you are outdoors and are in direct contact with the sun - you need more protection. If you are outside playing sports, tanning in the sun, or taking a nice long walk - you will need something heftier and more protective than glasses. You need sunglasses.

This is the perfect time of year to not only stock up on eyeglasses but to also update your prescription sunglasses. If your prescription has expired or your old sunglasses are nicked and scratched - it's time for an upgrade. We've put together some of the coolest sunglasses just in time for Father's Day!

It's a well known fact that Ray Ban is THE brand to go with when looking for off the wall, see and be seen, always hot sunglasses. The Ray Ban 6130 sunglasses are super cool in black and look best with a gray tinted lens instead of the green or brown options that are available. While these frames can be made into prescription glasses - we recommend tinting them for that oh-so-cool look that you get when wearing Ray Bans. They are full framed, sleek, and quite classic looking.

Yoshi Ayaka is the new kid on the block when it comes to glasses. Their frames are superior in style and functionality than most frames on the market these days. The Yoshi Ayaka 3059 full framed glasses are definitely unique and rather "green". The arms are made from bamboo making these glasses very eco-friendly. When you add a brown or black tint to the lenses, you get a really cool look that looks like a modern take on Roy Orbison's staple black sunglasses. One of the best aspects of Yoshi Ayaka eyewear is that it totally changes your look. Not many brands can do that. It takes you from geek to chic almost instantaneously. They also make some really cool frames that look awesome as sunglasses.

For many of us, aviator-style sunglasses are the epitome of hard core. Women can wear them and look mysterious. Men can wear them and look like someone of a bad-a**. Men can pull them off more often than women but it's really about finding the right kind of frame. The Samuel frame is a great because of its versatility! The lenses are not too long and are a bit square - making this a truly universal frame. Regardless of the choice of tint - green, brown, or gray - you can still look mysteriously cool (like James Dean cool) with these sunglasses.

The new kid on the block does it again with super cool, very retro looking sunglasses. Yoshi Ayaka 3079 eyeglass frames look kinda geeky when worn as glasses but look retro-cool when worn as sunglasses. They look best with a brown tint in the lenses but can worn with a gray tint if you choose the black frame instead of the brown. They're LL Cool J meets Run DMC circa 1985 but with a modern twist. These are the coolest glasses online today!

From now until June 20, you can take 10% off any of our prescription sunglasses when you use the code: shades10! Now really IS a great time to stock up!