7 Reasons Why Glasses Wearers Love GlassesUSA

While other online and offline eyewear retailers constantly raise their prices, GlassesUSA keeps theirs the same. The biggest glasses store online constantly adds new styles and features for their customers, but doesn’t raise the prices of its glasses. Here are the reasons why:



GlassesUSA’s founders wear glasses too

The whole idea that kicked off GlassesUSA was giving people a place to buy quality prescription glasses without breaking the bank. The founders of GlassesUSA wear glasses too, so they understand how expensive frames are at traditional brick-and-mortar eyewear stores.

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GlassesUSA make its own glasses

Unlike other eyewear retailers, GlassesUSA is a one-stop-shop. It makes its frames and lenses in its own state-of-the-art labs and sells them online, so there are no middlemen that influence the price.

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They know they always have to raise their game

More and more people are buying their eyewear online, but others are set in their ways and require more creative methods of convincing. GlassesUSA keep finding clever ways of bringing in new customers instead of charging more from the returning ones.

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They actually care about their customers

There’s a great responsibility to gaining and maintaining the trust of customers. A lot of companies say they ‘care about their customers’, but GlassesUSA is built first and foremost on providing their customers with great service.

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They can Talk the Talk & Walk the Walk

GlassesUSA keeps it simple: High quality, fair price, great service. They wouldn’t be staying true to what the company set out to do, which is change the eyewear industry, if they would raise prices just because their competitors did.

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They make shopping for glasses fun

They’re passionate about eyewear and fashion, and it shows. GlassesUSA provide an in-store feel with all the advantages of shopping from home. With a Virtual Mirror that makes trying on glasses fun and simple, as well as a stylish and always trendy collection, they make sure you enjoy yourself while looking for your next pair.

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Questions You May Want to Ask...

Q: How can I see if the frames fit me?
A: We have a Virtual Mirror so you can see how our frames look on your face. Just upload your picture and you can try on our entire collection without leaving your home.

Q: I have my Dr. Prescription, what now?
A: Great! All you have to do is fill out your prescription online on the product page, or scan it and email it to us. The website will recommend the correct lens package based on your prescription specs.

Q: Do you have progressive or bifocal lenses?
A: We sure do! Click here to find your perfect pair of multifocals.

Q: Do you offer prescription sunglasses?
A: We certainly do! Most of our sunglasses can be made with prescription, transition or tinted lenses. Most of our regular prescription glasses can be converted into sunglasses as well! Check out our Rx Sunglasses.

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So if youre thinking about getting glasses, go online. It's just a click away .