Across the United States, around 64% of adults need vision care to help correct their various vision problems. Many Americans opt to wear glasses while some would rather wear contact lenses. Since contacts came into existence and made their way into the marketplace, there has always been a debate about whether you should wear contacts lenses or glasses. This debate is age-old and does not seem to be going away any time soon.

When I was about 13, most of my friends that wore eyeglasses started wearing contact lenses. It was a status thing for them. At 13, my parents asked if I wanted to wear contacts. My answer: no thank you. There was no way I was going to put my finger in my eye. By the time we all got to high school, no one wore glasses except for nerds, geeks, teachers, and me. The only time you really wore glasses to school was when you were sick or lazy. I wore them all the time. I thought they were fashionable. Besides, buying contact lenses was expensive.

When I moved on to my college years, I decided to try contact lenses. I was heavy into sports and my prescription glasses just did not stay on the way contact lenses did. Besides, I wanted a change. I had finally hit the age where I wanted to be taken seriously and wanted to look different. Getting contact lenses did that for me. The down side to wearing my contacts all the time? My eyes were constantly dry and itchy - even when my glasses were on. I also had a problem with allergies. During allergy season, there was no way I could wear my contacts. My left contact lens flipped out once while I was in Nashville during high allergy season. I never had that problem with eyeglasses.

My take on the glasses v. contacts debate is this: contact lenses take a lot of getting used to. It took me a while to get used to putting them in my eye. My glasses have always been there for me. When I'm sick, I wear my eyeglasses. When my allergies are bothering me, I wear my glasses. When I am heading to a big meeting and want to look professional - I wear my glasses. However, when I'm at the gym or playing tennis - I wear my contact lenses.

It's much easier for me to put my glasses on than for me to play the "are these inside out" game with my contacts. While you can buy contact lenses and glasses online I know that I don't need to order my glasses a month in advance for fear that I may run out of them because I cannot run out of my glasses. I always run out of my contact lenses. If I want to change up my look, I may be able to buy colored contact lenses but they don't make me feel like myself. I feel like someone else. When I switch my glasses to match my outfit, I still feel like me - just a cooler version of myself. In the end, I will always choose my glasses.