Eyeglasses are just as fashionable as your regular wardrobe and just like the clothes you wear, various styles change in eyeglasses as the seasons go. New York Fashion Week just wrapped and this coming spring’s latest trends - and variations of - will hit the stores in February. Want to know the latest trends in eyewear? You don’t have to wait until February!

GlassesUSA is before the trend! Some of the most popular upcoming styles of glasses can be categorized into four trends: New Neutrals; Military Styles; Gem Stones; and Artsy-Fashion. These four trends also incorporate a long running trend - geek chic. Some of the frames in each trend are super girlie while others are overtly masculine.

New Neutrals
Browns and taupes will forever be popular in clothing but can seem a bit bland on certain prescription glasses. Fear not, this new trend is NOT what you think it is. It combines translucent plastic with a bit of color as well as muted pastels and even creamy whites on frames. Grays and mesh-like appearances also fall into this category.

Military Styles
While this trend may be easy to find in apparel, it’s a little harder when it comes to fashionable frames. These frames are overtly masculine and combine thick plastic with metal detailing - like on the Eisenhower frame. Square shapes are quite popular in this trend as are large rectangular or square lenses. Most of the frames in this trend will also have crisp lines and sharper edges.

Gem Stones
Like a little bit of bling? Gems tones can go two ways: 1) deep purple, turquoise, and magenta hues or 2) rhinestone detailing on the frame. Most people opt for the second option as it’s a little more demure and slightly less “stand out”. For more bold personalities, prescription eyeglasses with bold colors are a great choice to switch up your wardrobe.

If you have a bold personality and like things that are off the beaten track - look for glasses that have multiple tones - usually with two or three hues to mix things up a bit. Geek Chic tends to fall into this category but the artsy frames are usually a lot more colorful and come in various shapes and sizes.