Have you heard the latest news reports that wearing eyeglasses actually makes you look older? OK, this isn’t quite a shocker since 20-somethings all over the world wear glasses to enhance their appearance at the office to appear older. According to a London Vision Clinic survey of 4,000 adults, wearing eyeglasses can make people look 3.3 years older. Granted, this makes one ask - what does 3.3 years older look like?

It gets worse. People over the age of 45 tend to look five or more years older when wearing prescription glasses. The survey also claims that people wearing glasses are perceived by the survey takers as “geeky” or “nerdy”. Thankfully, there is now a frame trend specifically geared at looking a little “geeky”. Geek chic is all the rage with young people who don’t need prescription eyewear. Another perception of those who took the survey is that people who wear glasses are good at computers. This also makes some wonder if people who wear glasses are good at the video game “World of Warcraft”.

Out of the 4,000 people who took the survey, one-fifth of those who actually wear glasses were reported less likely to be confident and often looked at as physically weak. The study asked people to examine 10 photographs of people both wearing glasses and going bare-faced. Researchers then asked the survey takers to guess the ages of those in the pictures.

The perceptions of people who wear prescription eyeglasses is not unknown. They are looked at as weak, dweeby, and unpopular. However, they are also looked at as smarter and more intelligent. Women are seen as being more approachable while wearing eyeglasses as well.

While the survey covered 4,000 folks from London, similar studies in the United States have showcased similar findings. End result: geek chic rules - especially when people who don’t need prescription eyewear start wearing glasses to look smarter and older. Case closed.