Whether you prefer a relaxed and comfortable style or a put-together business look, the eyeglasses you choose should showcase your style. Much like your clothing, eyeglasses are an extension of your personality, so make sure you choose the frames that reflect you correctly. Since eyeglasses frame your face, they can either bring out your features or hide them. When choosing frames, how do you decide between glasses you like and glasses you should wear? (Try out our Frame Wizard to have our Virtual Optician match you with the perfect frames)

Not all glasses are for everyone. Here are 4 easy tips that help determine which glasses work for you:

1. Face Shape

It might seem silly, but you can determine your face shape by drawing it in the mirror. Just look in the mirror, take lipstick, and draw the outer edges of your face. This will help you determine what shape you have, since for most people this is ambiguous!

Circle face shape: you have full cheeks, a soft chin and proportional forehead in length and width. You should try out frames that are the opposite of your face shape: strong and angled frames, especially rectangular.

Square face shape: you have a strong jaw and broad forehead. You should try out frames that are opposite to your face shape: soft and round that sit high, especially a cool circle frame.

Diamond face shape: you have a narrow forehead and jawline with wider cheeks. You should try out oval frames that sweep up, especially a cat eye shape!

Oblong face shape: you have a longer than wide face shape. You should try out wider and oversized glasses.

Heart face shape: you have a broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow chin. You should try out rimless frames, thin metal or clear plastic frames!

Rectangle face shape: you have a strong and long jaw (rather than wide). You should try out wide and oval frames.

Oval face shape: you have the easiest face shape to find glasses for! You can literally wear any style. Just choose one you like!

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2. Coloring

Darker tones: if your eyes, hair, and skin coloring is dark try out a bolder and darker frame.

Medium skin tones: if you have olive or slightly tanned skin you’ll look good in any colors. Try out a classic tortoise shell or go wild with something brighter like red, green or purple!

Lighter skin tones: if you have a softer skin tone you don’t want anything too harsh. Aim for more delicate frame colors like peach, tinted plastic or half-rims.

3. Style

Classic style: if you prefer classic accessories try out a simple frame that never goes out of style-- a classic wayframe design or circle frame!

Vintage chic: if you prefer a retro or vintage style try out a sleek browline or cateye frame inspired by the 1950s.

Trend setter: if you prefer to showcase the latest funky trends, try out the Xray collection with tons of bright colors and our new arrivals with unique frame shapes!

Soft style: if you prefer soft and relaxed tones, try out rimless, metal or pastel-hued plastic frames for a delicate look.

4. Gray Hair

Celebrate your gray hair with bright colored glasses! Now is your chance to go a little wild with your style (even if you’re generally conservative). Try out bright colored frames to contrast with your hair color. If you prefer to keep it simple, choose a crisp black or brown frame for a sophisticated look.

Whichever style you choose make sure you feel happy and confident in your choice! If you’re still confused, try out our Frame Wizard to have our virtual optician pair you with the perfect frames. If you find a few you like try them all out! At GlassesUSA you can afford to reinvent yourself, daily.

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