October is breast cancer awareness month and while it may have very little to do with eyeglasses - but, eyeglasses can be very helpful when a patient is suffering through cancer. Side effects of chemotherapy range depending on the patient but many patients experience dryness of the mouth and eyes. When your eyes are dry, wearing contact lenses can be difficult.

Since contact lenses do not fair well with dry eyes - nor do they fair well with fatigue (since you shouldn’t sleep with contact lenses in your eyes), having a spare set of prescription glasses is helpful. Given the high cost of cancer treatments, buying new glasses is often the last thing on a cancer patients’ mind. We are here to help!

During the month of October, GlassesUSA is offering a 15% discount on their glasses in honor of breast cancer awareness month. GlassesUSA.com is powered by personal stories of patients who suffered through breast cancer and had little place to turn. GlassesUSA.com is also giving back! For every pair of glasses sold, GlassesUSA.com will donate $1 for breast cancer awareness and education.

Vision is an important part of feeling well. When your eyes don’t work well, you don’t feel well! If you or someone you know has been affected by breast cancer - pink is in. Until November 1st, 2010, you can take 15% off any pair of glasses online - not just the pink ones pictured above. Simply use the code: CancerAwareness in order to receive the discount.