We all have our own personal style and taste, which is exactly why the online world of eyeglasses serves as such a perfect advocate for the modern glasses wearer. Here at GlassesUSA.com we constantly enjoy arguing over the wide range of styles on offer, with some heading straight for the new frames in the vintage collection, while others love bright and daring colors.

This last week, I enjoyed a discussion with our optical stylist, Hillary Glaser, where we compared our very specific and individual preferences when it comes to the glasses frames that we choose to wear.

We each, respectively, came up with a top five list of favorite glasses frames - all of which give out a very different vibe to those around us.

As a long-time wearer of prescription eyeglasses, I have been through the name calling and humiliation of being the only girl to have been wearing eyeglasses at the age of eight.
Although that is almost 20 years ago, the effects are still with me and so, I always head for the more subtle frames which give off a librarian-type feel.

Here are my top five:
  1. Kennedy - as the description states, classic and timeless. These are the ultimate in simplicity.
  2. Bergen - very sweet, simple and ultra-feminine.
  3. Playground Blue - a splash of color in a delicate style, these semi-rimless frames allow for a touch of individuality without being too “out-there”.
  4. Myko Blue - they offer a very relaxed and casual look in a really nice blue tint.
  5. Politico Black - are bolder than any of my other choices, yet still not too much of anything. They offer a sophistication and subtlety that I just really love.

Hillary, on the other hand, loves eyeglasses that really make a statement.

I prefer glasses that make a statement in a bold way. I’ve never been one to shy away from attention and I love attention-grabbing eyeglasses. I’ve been wearing eyeglasses since I was around eight-years-old and from the get-go, I’ve preferred big, bold, and colorful eyeglass frames. At age 30, my taste hasn’t changed. If you’re like me and like to spice things up a bit - you’ll like my choices!

Here are my top five:

  1. BS 10 in Brown - this frame is more on the pink side than the brown side but it stands out! I love the thick plastic edges of the frame and also like how the XRay brand wove in the temples for a unique design.
  2. First Lady in Brown -  I like this frame in black but I LOVE this frame in brown. It’s classic, classy, and somewhat neutral in color. It’s not as bold as the black but adds a certain vibe to the frame.
  3. Calvin Klein 696F - Orange may not look great on everyone but this frame is definitely bold and very artsy. I particularly like the shape of the frame.
  4. XRay - MG19 - Vintage glasses at their best. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Freedom in Brown - I have these frames in black and I love how stark they are but, I’ll admit, the brown color is a softer choice and looks great when you’ve had a little bit of sun.

So, there you have it - our top five choices. What are YOUR favorite frames?