• 365 Day Warranty
    365 Day Warranty

    All of our glasses have a 365 day manufacturer’s warranty. In the unlikely event that your frames or lenses break after the initial 14 days and within one year of your purchase, GlassesUSA will gladly provide you with a 50% store credit towards another pair of glasses.

  • Free Return Shipping
    Free Return Shipping

    If you wish to return your glasses for any reason within 14 days, we will issue you a return shipping label free of charge upon your request (for orders in the US).
    Read our full return policy.

  • Fastest Delivery
    Fastest Production & Delivery

    With our very own state of the art laboratory, production time is minimal, allowing for speedy delivery.

  • Best Price Guarantee
    110% Best Price Guarantee

    Seen it for a lower price? We will match it and give you an additional 10% off, guaranteed.

Multifocal Lenses

What are Multifocal/Progressive Lenses?

Multifocal lenses are lenses that have two or more lens powers allowing you to see objects at all distances! They can be separated into two groups: bifocals and progressives.

Bifocal lenses contain two fields of vision that are separated with a line between the two lenses. Progressive lenses, often called multifocal lenses or "no-line bifocals", provide multiple fields of vision in one lens because they gradually change in power starting from the top half of the lens and changing in strength as your eye progresses downward.

How Do I Buy Bifocal or Progressive Lenses?

If your prescription has an additional value (ADD) or numbers in the near vision (N.V.) section, you may want to consider purchasing either progressive or bifocal lenses. Not every frame in our collection is suitable for multifocal lenses. A multifocal compatible frame must have a certain lens height in order for us to produce a multifocal lens.

The easiest way to know if a certain frame is eligible for mulifocal lenses is to look for the symbols that appear next to the frame itself, as seen in the pictures below:

How Do I Look for Frames that are Eligible for Multifocal Lenses?

The easiest way to look for frames that are eligible for multifocal lenses is to use our "Multifocal Glasses" menu from the top horizontal menu or by narrowing down any search that you are doing bye selecting "Bifocal/Progressive" in the the "Lens Type" option on the left hand side menu.

Once you've found your desired frame, ordering your glasses is easy! Click on the "Select Lens" button and scroll down where you'll see a section entitled "what do you use your glasses for?" Then select "progressive" or "bifocal" depending on your preference.

Adding the Prescription

Your prescription may come in a few different formats - but your bifocal or progressive prescription will always contain a set of numbers in the additional value (ADD), near vision (N.V.) or the progressive additive lens (PAL) if you're ordering progressives.

Adding your prescription online is easy! It's just like inserting your single vision prescription but you will be adding your additional value as well! Remember to add your PD in the appropriate fields.

Need Help?

If you're having problems reading or inserting your prescription, contact us at 800-917-7083! Our optical experts are happy to help you. You can also read more information on our prescription guide.

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