By Hillary Lynne Rubin – optical stylist for GlassesUSA

Eyeglasses have come a long way from their inception in the 13th century. They have gone from being a tool to help one magnify images to being a fashion accessory. Much like your clothing, eyeglasses are an extension of your personality and style – yet, all too often we have buyer’s remorse with the frames! They’ve been too big, too small, the wrong color, too thick, too metallic, not thick enough… and so on. Fear no more – this comprehensive guide will help lead you to the path of spectacle-happiness!

Buyers often forget that skin tone plays a part in their eyeglasses! We’ve learned not to tint our hair to warm colors if we have cool undertones but we forget that the same rule applies to glasses as well.

  • If your eye, hair, or skin coloring is dark, your best match is a big, bold, dark frame. Black and brown frames – especially plastic – will not overtake your face but will compliment your look.
  • Medium skin tones have the best variety in eyewear as they can pull off almost any look! If you’re towards the lighter side of medium, aim for the more delicate frame and softer colors. Darker shades of medium can wear bold frames but should opt for gunmetal or brown colors like tortoise shell – black might overtake the face.
  • Delicate styles – like the rimless frame – are best on light skin tones and natural blondes. While lighter tones can generally work the softer colors like pinks and blues – you should steer clear of silver as it might blend into your skin tone too much.
  • Gray haired? No worries – metal frames in silver or gunmetal are perfect for you! Semi rimless frames will add an edge to your style but you may want to avoid bold, thick, full rimmed frames. If you opt for a rimless frame, choose one that has a delicate or soft arm as they won’t contrast with your look.

These are not rules – mostly suggestions in finding the right eyeglasses for you. When buying a frame, remember to add your personality to it! Colors are a great way to show the world what YOU want to show them. Black portrays sophistication and mystery, while gray and silver show a cultured and educated person. Light pinks and purples are innocent and feminine but violet is the color of royalty while being subtly sexy. Blues and green give off a calm-air and make you look approachable. Red is bold, sexy, and powerful but should not be worn by the meek and timid. What ever look you want to portray – color is a key ingredient! Colors add personality to your frame and make them fashionable – so don’t be afraid to try out new colors with newer styles!